Smart Home

Thermostat control is one of the most important features of a home automation system, allowing you to-easily and remotely adjust both heating and air conditioning. Control your thermostat from anywhere using our app on your smartphone or other device. Tytan can easily replace your existing thermostat with a connected model that will integrate seamlessly with your home automation solution.


Tytan Security’s connected door locks allow you to easily and remotely lock and unlock your deadbolt door locks. You can grant access to your home remotely without using a key or a code. Like the thermostat feature above, your door locks can be controlled from anywhere via a Tytan app on your smartphone or other device. You also have the ability to check the status of your door locks at any time from anywhere.  



Another key feature of your Tytan home automation system is the remote operation and control of your lighting and many common household appliances. We install control modules that connect your appliance to your system, as well as connected lighting switches in many styles and colors to match your home décor.